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Ben has been with Furry Friends since the beginning. I would describe him as a gentle giant. Ben has a way with animals that is so magical he puts even the shyest right at ease. He is exceptional with understanding dog behaviour and therapy and is a key member of our Furry Friends community. Ben has a huge passion for animal rescue. He too volunteered with SAFE Team animal rescue and was the co-founder of our small dog rescue in Bolivia. Ben has volunteered with PAC Thailand animal rescue and has helped countless stray animals in countries all over the world. He will always help an animal in need and has a heart of gold! 

Ben loves nature, football, improv and enjoys every opportunity to be outside. Although he is very busy with his foundation repair business, Ben always makes time to work with our Furry Friends and is much loved by our clientele!


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I started Furry Friends originally in Edmonton (where I was born and raised), back in 2011. Having always loved animals and being actively involved in animal rescue, pet care seemed like a perfect fit! I am a HUGE animal advocate and supporter of local rescues. In the past I volunteered for SAFE Team animal rescue and also started my own small dog rescue in Bolivia where I acquired the skills necessary to care for animals with a variety of medical conditions. I learned a great deal over the years, ranging from administering diabetic insulin shots, to providing Rabies vaccines for stray dogs, to tick removal. I realized quickly that a lot of people have difficulty finding a reliable service to care for their pets, especially when they require special medication, so I created Furry Friends to fill that gap and help care for animals in need. In 2013 I expanded Furry Friends to Victoria, BC and have worked diligently to make it the highest ranking pet care provider in the city. I pride myself on building excellent client relationships and providing exceptional, loving care for our community.

As well as running this rewarding business I am also a realtor® with RE/MAX Camosun! or

Having the opportunity to connect with so many fabulous people and pets through both of these means is truly a dream job! Here is my latest idea to combine the world of real estate with my love of animals!